The eBike Butler

The eBike Butler is a bike hire company focused on providing visitors to Melbourne a relaxed, efficient and fun way to explore our amazing city. Our specialty is electric bikes, and we aim to  provide that feeling of independence to all our customers that ride our bikes. We want to bring back the sensation of what it was like when you were a kid to ride a bike for the first time.

To complement the simplicity of the experience, the eBike Butler can bring eBikes directly to your hotel or location, and collect at the end of your ride. The eBike Butler is all about premium service.

The eBike Butler is owned and operated by an adventurous couple – Brett and Cass. We are both passionate about getting out and exploring as much of every city that we visit when we are on holiday’s. And when we aren’t working or travelling, we love to ride and explore every inch of this versatile city because Melbourne is always developing, and something new is always happening. Riding a bike has never been so much fun!


Brett Kingston

‘Co-Founder and Lover of anything on two wheels’
It was Brett’s initial love of cycling that inspired the business. Having ridden for many years and spending many weekends exploring the trails of Melbourne via road bike, mountain bike or eBike, he was keen to share his passion and love for cycling with the wide range of tourists that visit Melbourne each year. Brett’s cycling hobby started at the age of 7, where he would accompany his father on designated bike trails around Melbourne.
Family and friend catch ups would often occur at places like Westerfolds Park, Brimbank Park or Cardinia Reservoir – and the bikes would always be packed. During his adult years, Brett became more serious with cycling, purchased a road bike, and started amateur road racing. To date, he has clocked over 100,000 kilometres on popular cycling app ‘Strava’ and has cycled every significant mountain peak in Australia. His longest cycle race was the Melbourne to Warrnambool – 256Kms. While he is still a member of the Caulfield Carnegie Cycling Club, and races occasionally, he prefers to mix things up with some leisurely rides on the eBikes. Brett’s favourite place to ride his eBike is along the South Warf section of the Yarra River, taking in the atmosphere of the great bars, restaurants and music spilling out onto the promenade. Living in Melbourne all his life, Brett is grateful for the massive improvement in Melbourne’s bicycle network over the last 30 years – and hopes to see this continue as the city continues to evolve.


Cassie Butler

'Co-Founder and leading social media guru'
Having grown up in the picturesque area of Bayside Melbourne, Cassie has always been a huge fan of the beach trails whether for running, cycling or walking the family dog. As an avid outdoors woman and a lover of nature, Cassie was keen to provide a more eco friendly option for tourists to get around and explore Melbourne. Since being diagnosed in 2010 with Fibromyalgia, eBikes have allowed her to still get outside and ride with her partner and friends even when she is not feeling at her best. She believes eBikes offer a solution for everyone to participate and maintain an enjoyable level of exertion. She also loves the fact that you don’t need to be covered from head to toe in lycra to get outside and go for a ride on an eBike.
Cassie’s favourite place to ride her eBike is along the iconic beach trail from Port Melbourne to Black Rock. The ride takes you from Port Melbourne to the coastal suburbs of St. Kilda, Brighton, Elwood, Hampton and Sandringham before arriving in the cycling meca of Melbourne - Black Rock. Passing iconic sites such as Luna Park, St. Kilda Pier, Brighton Beach Boxes and the Red Bluff cliffs, it is definitely a ride for the Bucket list.

We're here to help.

We are open from 7am - 9pm all year round, so you can rent your bikes and have them collected at a time that is most convenient for you. We can also deliver your bikes to many of the major hotels or any location in Metropolitan Melbourne.

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Port Melbourne

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